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KittGro Advisory

We are a boutique business advisory firm that specialise in enabling you to unlock your businesses full potential. Our strategic advice and ongoing support has seen businesses of all types tap into new growth verticals, profitably.Are you ready to Gro?


Discovery | Understanding you

It is important that we start by taking the time to understand you & your business. We will work with you to uncover your pain points & challenges whilst also learning what it is that you are hoping to achieve.This discovery phase ensures that we can offer you the most comprehensive plan to take action against.


Preparation | Plan creation

This is the critical point at which we start diving into the pro's & con's of the trajectory you are currently on while outlining to you the possibilities that could propel sustainable growth towards your goals.What we find is, the majority of business owners know exactly what it is they need to do, it is just refreshing to have fresh, experienced eyes involved to sound board ideas off.This is the phase where the real magic starts to take shape.


Action | Making it real

Now it is time to do!We are there to support you every step of the way by ensuring accountability to deliverables & desired outcomes or timelines are achieved. We call on all our expertise, network, business experience and knowledge to ensure that you tick every box on your road to success.As your strategic advisors, we typically aim to give our clients the direction & support they need to achieve their major goals while still fulfilling their overarching purpose.Small businesses or startups find hiring an advisor especially useful to gain advice from an expert & seek help in creating a strategy for long-term success.

Meet the founder | Chris Kitto

About Us

With over 15 years experience in the Australasian retail industry as a brand consultant, sales manager and business owner himself, Chris is an innovative thinker who has worked with some of the industries leading consumer brands on their journeys to success.By adopting a growth mindset, Chris takes business owners through a process to better understand their customer, think differently about their approach, innovate the products & services they offer to enable them to bring new concepts to life.Gearing businesses for long term, sustainable growth has been a key pillar to Chris’ success with such a large number of recognised businesses.Chris remains an owner of multiple businesses, advisor to some of the most disruptive businesses in their channels and someone who loves to challenge the status quo.

Bespoke packages


We tailor all of our packages to the individual as no single business case or need is the same. Offering a generic packaged price does not work for our clients because it is critical that we work with them to achieve their desired outcomes.Give us a call today or book yourself a free discovery meeting to allow us to understand your needs & tailor a solution that works best for you.

Our key specialities;

  • Independent business reviews to identify opportunities for growth

  • Business presentation building, IM preparation & financial modelling to support

  • Business valuations, sale preparation guidance & M&A journey support

  • Business negotiation management & potential buyer/seller procurement

  • Executive level coaching and mentoring to achieve high performance results and outcomes

  • Ongoing business support through accountability coaching or advisory board roles

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